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Japanese Residency

Iam extremely drawn to the idea of participating in an art residency at the Tobichi Art Museum in Japan. The museum's focus on preserving and promoting cultural heritage aligns perfectly with my artistic style and passion. My own art practice of creating sculptures of old houses and shops using salvaged objects from derelict buildings allows me to breathe new life into forgotten relics, highlighting their historical and aesthetic significance. The opportunity to immerse myself in the local culture and investigate the hidden narratives of the area would be invaluable to my creative process.


In addition to being captivated by the opportunity to do an art residency at the Tobichi Art Museum in Japan, I am particularly drawn to the country's rich artistic traditions and the works of renowned Japanese artists. Artists like Hasegawa Tohaku and Hiroshi Yoshida have greatly influenced my artistic journey. Tohaku's sublime landscapes and Yoshida's intricate prints have left a lasting impression on my artistic style, inspiring me to explore the natural beauty and cultural nuances of the areas I encounter.

Furthermore, my background as a trained furniture maker has given me a deep appreciation for craftsmanship and design. George Nakashima (Japanese heritage), a master furniture maker, has been a significant influence in my creative process. His philosophy of integrating natural materials with elegant forms resonates with me, and I strive to imbue my sculptures with the same sense of balance and harmony.

By participating in the art residency at the Tobichi Art Museum, I envision the opportunity to not only delve into my own artistic practice but also to connect with local Japanese artists who may share similar artistic values. Engaging in conversations and collaborations with fellow artists/people, I hope to exchange ideas, learn new techniques, and gain fresh perspectives that can further enhance my artwork.

The art residency at the Tobichi Art Museum a truly compelling and ideal opportunity for me to explore my artistic vision in a culturally rich and inspiring environment. I feel that my practice style is 'Here, by coincidence' with the Tobichi Art Museum.

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TOBICHI 美術館でのアート・レジデンシーに参加することで、自分の芸術活動を掘り下げるだけでなく、同様の芸術的価値観を共有する可能性のある地元の日本のアーティストとつながる機会が得られると思い描いています。仲間のアーティストや人々との会話やコラボレーションに参加して、アイデアを交換し、新しいテクニックを学び、自分の作品をさらに高めるための新鮮な視点を獲得したいと考えています。

TOBICHI 美術館でのアート・レジデンシーは、私にとって、文化的に豊かで刺激的な環境の中で自分の芸術的ビジョンを探求する、本当に魅力的で理想的な機会です。私の練習スタイルは、TOBICHI美術館と「ここ、偶然」だと感じています。

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